What is IoT?

Internet of Things or IoT is a network of devices that are able to share the data in a network through a wired or wireless medium. They are powered with the internet and share their data with the server for processing.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the thousands of physical IoT devices around the world that are now hooked up to the internet, all of which store and share data.

Raspberry Pi 4 Specifications

A new version of the Raspberry PI 4 model has been released, and the older model is amazingly modified. I got Raspberry Pi 3 a few years ago. It was my first board with 64-bit ARMs. It came on a 64-bit CPU. Below are the full specs for the output level of a modified Raspberry PI 4 64-bit credit card size desktop computer. Raspberry PI 4 model This Board comes in three model 2GB RAM model – ₹4,350.00 4GB RAM model…