Linux is an open-source Operating System(OS).

Linux is a Unix-like, open-source, and community-based operating system for computers, servers, mainframes, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. It is available on almost every major server computer.

List of Linux distributions.

  2. Red Hat
  3. CentOS
  4. Linux Mint
  5. Fedora etc.

Raspberry Pi 4 Specifications

A new version of the Raspberry PI 4 model has been released, and the older model is amazingly modified. I got Raspberry Pi 3 a few years ago. It was my first board with 64-bit ARMs. It came on a 64-bit CPU. Below are the full specs for the output level of a modified Raspberry PI 4 64-bit credit card size desktop computer. Raspberry PI 4 model This Board comes in three model 2GB RAM model – ₹4,350.00 4GB RAM model…