Ruby On Rails Active Record Query methods, find_by() and find() are used to retrieve the record from the database.


.find (by I d) returns a single record or array of objects where multiple arguments are given. There is no implied return order — the sequence is given back in the order found. If one or more of the arguments are not found, the exception is ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound and returns 404. To use this method and prevent this mistake, you can first check for an I d number in your records, but this can be laborious.

Person.find(1)          # returns the object for ID = 1
Person.find("1")        # returns the object for ID = 1
Person.find("31-sarah") # returns the object for ID = 31
Person.find(1, 2, 6)    # returns an array for objects with IDs in
                                                          (1, 2, 6)
Person.find([7, 17])    # returns an array for objects with IDs in
                                                             (7, 17)                                                    
Person.find([1])        # returns an array for the object with ID =1

.find_by(arg, args*)

First, remember the syntactic variations. When searching for an Id in the same way as we illustrated with .find, .find by accepts a key value pair as the parameter by which the data structure can be searched. If the object is found, it will be returned. If this is not the case, a nil value will be returned and the program will continue to run without exception. Finds and returns the first match.

Post.find_by(name: 'Spartacus', rating: 4)
Post.find_by(id: params[:id])

In the interview, this question may be asked, by the interviewer.

What is the difference between find() and find_by()?

The difference is when they’re going to return whenever a record is not found. 
find_by() returns nil while find() returns ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception.

The additional difference between find() and find_by() is that find could only be used to search by primary key (usually the ‘id’) while the find_by() requires and searches by attribute (either passed as hash like Employee.find_by(name: ‘Mike’) or using the Employee.find_by_name(‘Mike’) method).

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