Top 10 Programming Languages, As we now know, businesses and experts in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc. are working quickly these days. During our everyday lives we experience many technical advents and their effect. And the programming languages are at the core of those technologies. So those programming languages make everyday the planet smarter.

I recommend that you look at the top 10 programming languages. Perhaps either of them will be able to improve or help you develop a bright future by 2020.

List of top 10 programming languages

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. Java
  4. Swift
  5. GoLang
  6. C#
  7. C++
  8. Scala
  9. Kotlin
  10. Ruby

1. Python:

Python is the fastest-growing, high-level general-purpose programming language with an focus on code readability. It has some notable features such as

1. Open-source programming language
2. Extensive support modules and community development
3. Easy integration with web services
4. User-friendly data structures
5. GUI-based desktop applications

It is also one of the most favoured languages with R as its only real competition in the fields of data science, statistics, analytics, ML and AI.

Reasons for Demand

  • Python-based web development frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and Turbo Gear are easy to learn, feature-packed and popular
  • It has packages such as NumPy and SciPy that are commonly used in the fields of scientific computing, mathematics, and engineering
  • Its application in sophisticated deep learning and machine learning makes it a great choice for the academically inclined
  • Has a wide range of applications like creating famous video games, developing 2D imaging as well as 3D animation packages
  • Highly demanding in the job market with over 894k GitHub repositories and an average salary of python developer is $116,379 per year
  • Multi-purpose language used by popular companies like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey, Quora, Mozilla, and Spotify

2. JavaScript

Javascript is the programming language in which the Internet was created. So, this is quite a big deal. Universally known as the Web developers language, javascript is a feature-rich scripting language based on objects. It has found widespread use in the field of web creation, featuring asynchronous event handling and crisp syntax. What began as a basic client-side scripting language is now a highlight within the web development community with numerous backend and frontend development frameworks.

Reasons for Demand

  • In extension to absolute JavaScript, various popular libraries and frameworks make JavaScript development easier
  • Most accessible supporting technologies related to JavaScript are JSON, jQuery, Angular, React (JS Library), etc
  • Fundamentally a front-end language, it can also be practiced on the server-side throughout Node.js to create scalable network applications
  • Majority of tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube rely on Javascript to design interactive web pages and dynamically display content to users
  • Recognized as most conventional programming languages the average JavaScript Developer Salary in the US as per Indeed is $109,462 per year

3. Java

Java is one of the most popular-demand, most common computer programming languages in use today. Well think of some of your favorite apps and games on the internet. It is highly likely that Java plays an enormous role in the code that makes them function. Another significant element that has kept the magic of Java alive among web development firms is its freedom from platforms.That essentially helps developers “write once, function anywhere”(WORA). Java is everywhere, and a practically high demand for powerful developers.

Reasons for Demand

  • Java is highly recognized for its scalability and portability across multiple platforms from mainframe data centers to smartphone
  • Its powerful features include strong memory management, high performance, backward compatible and top-notch security
  • With its presence in almost 3 billion devices, Java’s new frameworks such as Spring, Struts, and Hibernate have also become very popular
  • Forms the base for and used in a multitude of domains including mobile application, web development, system programming, and big data
  • It is favored by enterprises, with roughly 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Java for building applications and back end systems
  • With millions of users across the globe, the popular users of Java include Amazon, Twitter, Google and Youtube
  • With fantastic community support with above 900k repositories on GitHub

4. Swift

Swift is a general-purpose, open-source language built using a modern approach to security, performance, and software pattern design. An alternative to Objective-C was developed to write applications for iOS and Mac. Swift was strongly inspired by Python and Ruby and designed to be user friendly to beginners and enjoyable. Which makes it one of the candidates in this top 10 programming languages list.

Reasons for Demand

  • Swift requires less code, hence it becomes easier for existing techies from JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, and C++ to switch to Swift without hassle
  • It’s features like better readability, speed, and dynamic libraries ensure lesser errors, reduce application size and improve performance
  • Swift has two major frameworks, namely Cocoa and Cocoa Touch which are centered around application development

5. GoLang

GoLang-Developed by the tech giant Google itself, Go is one of the programming platform’s newest members. It is an open-source language which facilitates the development of simple, safe and productive software. It incorporates the best aspects of functional and object-oriented programming, and features a powerful collection of built-in tools for development.

Reasons for Demand

  • The language is straightforward to grasp even for the new programmers while being extremely powerful at the same time
  • Go has been optimized by Google to be incredibly efficient with memory and has blazing fast speed
  • It provides high performance like C/C++ and has efficient concurrency handling like Java
  • Supports multithreading at large and is hence used by a lot of companies that rely heavily on distributed systems
  • Popular projects like Kubernetes, Docker, Hugo, Hyperledger Blockchain and Ethereum are developed using Go
  • It is widely used in startups and some of the companies that use the language are Jabong, Dropbox, Apple, Twitter, and Razorpay

6. C#

C #-Developed by Microsoft, C # is considered in the Dot NET environment to be one of the most powerful programming languages. It’s a strong, versatile language that gives you a thorough framework for programming that applies to Java, Objective-C, PHP and more.You can think of C # as a mix of the C++ language and the Java language but Anders Hejlsberg, C #’s founder, says the language is more like C++ than Java.

Reasons for Demand

  • Rich set of libraries make compilation and execution with C# lightning fast
  • It is used in backend operations of several popular websites like Bing, Dell, Visual Studio and Market Watch
  • C# uses frameworks like Xamarin and .NET for building mobile applications and game development.
  • C# is mostly used with Microsoft’s .NET framework to design web forms, windows applications, etc
  • The language is best suited for the applications that are based on Windows, Android as well as iOS since it takes the aid of Microsoft Visual C++
  • Highly recommended language for building 3D and 2D video games using the popular Unity game engine, which produces one-third of the top games on the market

7. C++

C++ is the founder of the most used programming languages in the modern world, and the origin of other programming languages like C #, Java, and JavaScript. It is a simple but powerful language of programming which provides a structured approach. Both C and C++ are considered high-performance languages and are commonly used in application development where performance is critical.Although old, the functional C++ applications are the reason why C++ is on this top 10 list of programming languages.

Reasons for Demand

  • C++ has remained in high demand due to high performance, reliability, and variety of contexts you can use it in
  • Mostly used in game development, scripting, mobile applications, especially performance-intensive tasks
  • Core areas of development where you can see c++ are virtual reality, gaming, and computer graphics
  • C++ provides generic frameworks and libraries like wx-Widgets, GTK++, boost, Qt, etc
  • You can find C++ in a wide range of applications like Adobe Photoshop, Google Chromium, MapReduce, Mozilla Firefox, MySQL database
  • Companies like Nvidia, Google, Microsoft, Apple hire skilled C++ developers, architects, designers offering an average salary of $116K
  • Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome are the two of the most well-known projects created with C++

8. Scala

Scala is one of the important programming languages at the highest level and combines functional programming and object-oriented programming principles. Scala is a versatile language and one of many attempts to “rewrite Java” while enhancing its drawbacks. It aims to make Java more usable by providing advanced features such as advances in string comparison, pattern matching, and mixing.

Reasons for Demand

  • Its complex features promote better coding and offer a performance increase
  • It is gaining attention rapidly in the open source community due to its ability to run on both the JVM and JavaScript runtime
  • Scala’s tech stack consists of easy to use diverse set of libraries, tools, and frameworks. Popular frameworks include play, akka & apache spark
  • The language is versatile, allowing it to be used in software development, web apps & mobile solutions with game development being the highlight
  • It is already a success given the fact that big companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, and The Guardian use it in their codebase
  • Being one of the booming technologies of the present market, Scala developers are paid with an average salary of $117,369 per year

9. Kotlin

Kotlin, the cross-platform language endorsed by Google which is intended to completely interoperate with Java and run on the JVM. Lately, according to a Stack Overflow study, it has become the most favored programming language by developers.One of the most important reasons behind rising momentum for Kotlin is its smooth compatibility with Android Studio 3. Google named Kotlin the official language for creation of android apps in the year 2017. This is why you can find Kotlin in almost all the top 10 lists of programming languages.

Reasons for Demand

  • Kotlin works great with all existing Java libraries, frameworks and runs with the same level of performance as Java
  • The language is statically typed and provides better code readability and developer experience
  • Other improvements of Kotlin are null-pointer safety, extension functions, and infix notation
  • According to GitHub, the number of contributors using Kotlin to build projects has more than doubled in the past year, making it the fastest-growing language
  • Companies that have publicly declared the usage of Kotlin include Square, Pinterest, and Basecamp
  • Average global salary for development on Kotlin is $57k and the average salary for Kotlin developers in the US is $125k

10. Ruby

Ruby is one of the most common languages which was created in mid-1990s Japan. It is a dynamic language designed with the goal of simplifying the programming task and making it more fun. Ruby on Rails, a full stack web application platform running Ruby, bolsters its success.Ruby’s drawback is that being a dynamically typed language doesn’t make it very easy to maintain and its simplicity makes it slow.

Reasons for Demand

  • It easy to learn, straightforward and allows for swift creation of web applications
  • Ruby has an incredibly simple beautiful syntax that allows a developer to do more but with less code
  • Many Silicon Valley unicorns have been built on Ruby, including Airbnb, CrunchBase, Twitch, Shopify, GitHub, and Twitter
  • Lately, Ruby is has become one of the sought after skills due to its high flexibility as an all-purpose programming language
  • Open source projects that employ Ruby include Homebrew, Discourse, Metasploit Framework, and many more.
  • There is a vast community of Ruby developers and the average salary for a Ruby developer is nearly $90,000 per year


The list of top 10 programming languages you should learn in 2020. Ultimately, it’s you who have to decide on which programming you want to learn.

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